Bata Longreach CT Zip Black

Bata Longreach CT Zip Black

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Bata Industrial’s new premium range of Helix safety work boots are the next step in style and comfort innovation, featuring an advanced cushioning system developed for the modern worker who is on their feet all day everyday.

The Helix range consists of 3 hard working styles that deliver multiple features and a new measure of comfort.

The cushioning system is a construction of TPU & PU, made of the right composition/compound and hardness/softness to achieve the best possible shock absorption.

The range also features D30® impact protection built into the heel. D30® is a patented technology used to create a soft and flexible shock absorbing material featuring unique molecular properties.

In standard conditions it’s molecules flow freely, but on impact, they lock together to absorb impact energy and reduce the force transmitted.

With this combination the Helix footwear range achieves the best possible suspension to maximize the reduction of fatigue and stress on the feet and joints.

They are lightweight, durable, stylish and provide the highest standard of comfort in the toughest of working conditions.

AS/NZS 2210.3